sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Digital challenge

"The more elaborated our Means of communication, the less we Communicate" (Joseph Priestley)

What is the future of journalism? Is there a future' How can we obtain profits from digital medias?

That times are changing is an evidence. Each dy hits the market a computer, a mobille or any new electronic device. te question is, to what degree are we affected by this steady progress? How do these changes influence journalism?

It is sais that traditional journalism is dying, that today anyone can access the information, document and publish it, that blogs are replacing newspapers.From my inexperienced point of view, all this progree does not necessary means a setback for journalists. Time have always been changing;the clock of history has never stayed still. Since its begennings, journalism has shown great versatility and adaptability to changes. Why would it be different now?

The journalist's objective is to collect, classefy and process information, especially about current events, to finally publish it in various media. In other words, to transmit the reality as precisely as possibles. To tell the truth. All this ith one goal: the good functionin of a democratic society.

The democratic state is a regime of public opinion governed by majorities. So freedom of expression and information are prerequisitesfor those majorities to be legitimated. In this way, plurality is indespensable, however, nowadays plurality is an aim difficult to achive due to holdings.

At this point, with the internet everything is resized. New technologies are inhrently democratic, becouse they provide acces to new sources of information with totally freedom.Journalists must learn to seize the opportunity that the internet offers them: many sources, no politicized media, feedback...

Blogs, websites and digital newspapers, etc permits the journalism and the society in general to have more information about the place in where they live. So while it may be a challenge for information professionals, internet is a reality to the one we need to adapt.

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  1. Well, I am not that sure about the Internet being that democratic. How do we know that we really access all kind of information and that we are able to know everything? There are still a lot of places where censorship is a day to day reality.

  2. I don't mean is that democratict at the moment, a think is the more domocratic media we can have access to, even though it isn't as democratic as it could be, the amoung of information it offers garantice more freedom than tv, radio ...